‘Raffy, a very short story’, is a photo and text based publication which is a manifestation of my response to a personal set of memories and experiences shared with another person on a series of several ‘dates’. Only after our time together had come to pass, did the I return to the places that these moments occurred in, in order to re-experience them visually. 

To do this, was to reinterpret, relive, and in many senses, to recontextualize the experience. 

The images and text within the publication are the product of my attempts as artist and participant to understand the connection between place, memory, and experience. Discount-price flowers serve as a motif and metaphor for the nature and brevity, of modern dating experiences. Alongside the images, conversation based text playfully corresponds with the spaces within which they occurred. 

Originally presented at the Tate Modern for Offprint London.

Now on SALE, you can order your copy here.

Book Specifications:

28pp with an embossed soft cover and tread-sewn binding.

148mm x 210mm

Offset printing on uncoated paper

Text, design, and photographs by Anna Skahill

Edition of 50

30 pages